The Cleanliness Drive at Bruti (9 June 2019)

The Cleanliness Drive at Bruti (9 June 2019)

Bruti was all devastated by tourists and visitors. Literally a garbage dump, there was plastic and leftovers everywhere. Streams and waterways were all choked with plastic bags. We, the team GreenSquad woke early in the morning. Under the stars, we marched all the way up to Bruti waterfall and had this wonderful cleaning drive. Some 25 bags of full size were collected with plastic waste and brought back to the CDA dumping sites. Moreover, we planted the chir pines in Bruti. Instead of plastic, please bring an indigenous tree sapling into the national park and left it there planted, not your waste.

Bruti has been cleaned and mopped folks.

Mission accomplished. 

An appeal: Please do not bring plastic to the national park. If you do, then please take it back.

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