Fahad Rizwan
Mehdi Abbas
Komal Javed

Board Consultants

Fahad Rizwan

Fahad Rizwan is a passionate environmental advocate who embarked on his journey as a change-maker with the weekend Plant4Shade initiative. Witnessing the alarming effects of climate change, especially global warming, Fahad co-founded GreenSquad, a social enterprise aimed at empowering communities to combat the challenges posed by a changing climate.

Fahad’s commitment to environmental conservation earned him global recognition. As a winner of the Climate Reality challenge, he represented Pakistan at the prestigious annual summit of the Global Shapers in Geneva, Switzerland. Additionally, he proudly represented the country at the International Festival of Youth and Students in Russia back in 2017.

Beyond borders and conflicts, Fahad worked with farmers in the Pakistan-Afghanistan border region to establish inter-faith cooperative farming. Through these projects, he aimed to foster peace and harmony while promoting sustainable agricultural practices.

Fahad Rizwan’s journey is a testament to the power of collective action. He firmly believes that every individual can make a difference when comes under collective. Join GreenSquad in the quest to combat climate change, protect the environment, and create resilient communities for a greener and sustainable tomorrow.

Jaya Jaggi

Jayaa Jaggi is a development practitioner and an award winning social entrepreneur. She identifies herself as a young peacebuilder and a climate champion with interest and expertise around human rights, policy making, civic responsibility, and youth engagement. 

Jayaa has a vast experience of working with national and international organizations in various capacities including National Commission For Minorities, National Commission for Justice and Peace, Punjab Women Protection Authority, Center for Social Justice, CDA, RCB, IRD UK, Seed Ventures (Prince Trust International), MRG International, IRD UK, MoCC, WFGF, Climate Reality and UNOY with a years of experience of working in corporate sector as well. 

Jayaa is well versed with a diverse skill set. She is a National Champion of Public Speaking, has represented Pakistan at many forums including but not limited to ECOSOC, UN Baha’i Center, APT,  and Regional Academy. 

She is the Country Representative of Commonwealth YPAN, has been honored to represent Pakistan at COP. Jayaa’s interest lies in the intersection of climate change , peacebuilding and human rights with a gender lens on it. 

She is a member of YOUNGO, the official youth constituency of UNFCCC. Jayaa is also a part of GCYPS working group on climate and a Champion of Reforms at the Ministry of Planning and Special Initiatives.


A passionate and dedicated member of GreenSquad,  Mughees Alam is serving as an Assistant Professor at a University in Islamabad. He has a vast experience of working in academia including but not limited to Islamic University, NUST, Bahria. 

He is a visionary educationist who aspires for a future where education transcends traditional boundaries and transforms lives on a profound scale. 

He holds a PhD in Economics and his interest lies in the exploration of complex and interdependent relationship between economic activities, policies and their impacts on earth’s climate and environment and how academia can be used as a powerful resource for not only for raising awareness but for mitigating the negative impacts of climate change on our lives and vice versa. 

Being a Pragmatic Economist and Climate Enthusiast, Mughees emphasizes the pursuit of sustainable development and green growth strategies which involve aligning economic growth with environmental sustainability. 

Mughees is well versed with skills like financial reporting, modeling and analysis.

Hassan Abdulah

Hassan Abdullah is a dedicated environmental advocate, passionately promoting cycling and green commuting. Witnessing the adverse effects of air pollution, particularly smog, in cities, he co-founded GreenSquad, an empowering social enterprise focused on addressing climate challenges.

Hassan’s leadership has led to significant transformations, benefiting citizens and mitigating air pollution’s impact on Pakistan’s communities.

His expertise drives innovative projects, including Green & Blue Rawalpindi and cycling rallies, replacing pollution-emitting vehicles with eco-friendly cycles. These initiatives not only provide shade during summer but also improve city air quality.

Hassan’s cycling rallies foster peace and solidarity among communities, bridging divides.

Hassan actively participates in Friends of Katchinar Park community, mental health initiatives, and cycling clubs in Pakistan.

Hassan Abdullah exemplifies the power of collective action. Join GreenSquad to combat climate change, protect the environment, and create resilient communities for a greener tomorrow.

Hassan Abdullah  is currently working as warehouse manager in Islamabad. He has a bachelors in Mass Communication. 

With a vast experience of working with various organizations including Acts of Kindness, Friends of Kachnar park and Blood Donation Society Pakistan. 

Hassan has also worked with ICTA Volunteer Task force. 

Syeda Hamna Shujat

Syeda Hamna Shujat is a young sustainability and environmental professional with a Masters degree in Environmental Sciences from the University of Punjab. With a vast experience in climate action and education, Hamna has made a significant impact in her field. With exceptional content writing skills, Hamna is a proud member of GreenSquad. 

She currently serves as a Science Communicator at Science Fuse, where she facilitates engaging and interactive science learning workshops for young learners, employing hands-on experiments and innovative teaching methods. In her previous role as a Project Associate at the Climate Action and Advocacy Club, a gross root-level climate education initiative supported by Malala Fund and Science Fuse she showcased her organizational, administrative, and project management skills by efficiently coordinating projects, maintaining communication channels, and assisted climate action sessions impacting over forty students, four schools, and their communities. 

Her exceptional academic achievements include achieving third place in her Master’s and being a Gold medalist in the Amal Career Prep Fellowship.  Her commitment to environmental causes extends beyond her professional roles, as she has been involved with organizations and initiatives such as Plastic Free Pakistan, Ar Razzaq Foundation, WWF-Pakistan, Impakt, and Global Shaper Lahore, further demonstrating her dedication to creating a sustainable future


Muhammad Hassan Dajana is a Global Shaper from the Rawalpindi Hub and a Fulbright Scholar on Community Climate Adaptation. He is also the Co-founder of urban sustainability startup “GreenSquad”, a climate reality leader, and an inaugural grant review committee member at Teach For All’s Climate Action and Leadership Fund. He has been working on Climate Action since 2018. He initiated the Plastic Free Pakistan Initiative working towards the mitigation of single-use plastics through awareness, advocacy, and policy alternatives. Through his project “Our Green Masjids” his team developed a circular green economy model involving religious seminaries (Madrassahs), providing climate action, environmental safety, and sustainability training through plastic waste segregation. Through his project “Our Green Blue Rawalpindi” (Winner of Global Shapers Climate Reality Challenge 2022) his team established a four-pronged climate action intervention in Rawalpindi (Involving community stakeholders, plantation of native trees, creating a guidebook on native trees, alongside environmental suitability regarding plantation). Through the Global UGRAD Pakistan program, he acted as Pakistan’s cultural ambassador to the USA. Hassan is a social impact youth leader at the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust, for his social, entrepreneurial, and community initiatives, he was awarded the Young Emerging Leader Award by the US Mission in Pakistan”.

Adil Shuja

A professional hotelier and a passionate climate activist. Volunteers in eco friendly activities and supports green practices in hotel and tourism industry.

Haroon Haider

Haroon Haider is an IT professional. Haroon is an active core member of GreenSquad, Haroon did more than 50 Plantation and Cleaning Drive Projects with GreenSquad in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. He is an environmental enthusiast, always willing to work for the betterment of our mother nature by planting trees, cleanup drives and by encouraging people to work for a plastic free world.

Wasiq Baluch

Wasiq Baluch – A Nature Photographer and Eco-Tourism Enthusiast

Wasiq Baluch is a talented and passionate nature photographer, capturing the beauty and essence of the natural world through his lens. Hailing from the scenic landscapes of southern Punjab, he is not only a travel enthusiast but also a dedicated advocate for ecotourism and sustainable environmental tourism.

Photography and Love for Nature: With an artistic eye and profound appreciation for nature’s wonders, Wasiq’s photography vividly portrays the magnificence of our environment. Through his lens, he seeks to inspire others to cherish and protect the beauty that surrounds us.

Driven by his passion for travel and a deep-rooted love for the environment, Wasiq is a vocal proponent of ecotourism. He believes that responsible travel can have a positive impact on both the natural world and local communities, fostering conservation efforts and promoting sustainable practices.

Wasiq’s dedication extends beyond capturing stunning images. He actively works towards developing sustainable environmental tourism initiatives. Through his advocacy and projects, he aims to create opportunities for travelers to engage with nature responsibly while contributing to the preservation of fragile ecosystems.

With a vision of making a lasting impact, Wasiq Baluch strives to raise awareness about the significance of environmental conservation and the role of ecotourism in safeguarding our planet. His hope is to inspire a generation of mindful travelers who seek to protect and preserve the natural wonders of the world for generations to come.

Mehdi Abbas

Mehdi Abbass, an accomplished academic, technology expert, and postdoctoral researcher, plays a pivotal role in GreenSquad’s mission of integrating technology with climate action. With a passion for raising climate awareness, he pioneers the incorporation of climate themes into toys and games, engaging and educating people about environmental issues.

Achievements: Mehdi’s unwavering support and guidance have been instrumental in GreenSquad’s success as an impactful organization. As a tech guru, he has contributed his expertise to initiate STEM-based projects, setting the stage for a greener future.

Contributions: Mehdi’s exceptional work on the GreenSquad’s “Year Trees” app has revolutionized tree planting and carbon offsetting efforts. The app assists citizens in planting trees accurately and authentically offsetting carbon emissions.

Goals and Aspirations: With a vision to make an international impact, Mehdi, currently teaching in Scotland, aspires to establish “Climatetech,” a revolutionary platform that seamlessly integrates technology into climate action, fostering a sustainable and climate-conscious world.

Komal Javed

Komal Javed has a Master in Development and Climate Change from Nust. As a Climate Change and Sustainability professional with a wealth of experience in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), spatial analysis, and research methodologies, she has developed a profound passion for addressing pressing environmental challenges. Through her roles as a Research Associate, she honed her technical acumen in interpreting satellite imagery, creating GIS web services, and crafting digital maps to contribute to urban planning projects with far-reaching implications. 

Her expertise in data management, using software such as EXCEL, SPSS, and STATA, ensures the accuracy and completeness of information gathered from diverse sources. Additionally, her proficiency in ArcMap, Erdas Imagine, ENVI, and Python empowers her to perform in-depth spatial and quantitative analyses, allowing her to derive valuable insights and support evidence-based policymaking. 

Komal has a vast experience of working with non profit organizations to promote education, access to green urban spaces to marginalized communities, relief to flood affectees, and psychological support.

She has worked with Step as research associate for disability inclusion. Komal has also worked with Urban Unit, as GIS  associate for urban planning and development.

Faisal Iqbal

Faisal Iqbal completed his bachelor’s in chemical engineering from NUST University, Islamabad. Besides working as a chemical engineer in various process plants in Pakistan, he has pursued his passion for teaching and professionally taught in one of the reputed school systems in Pakistan. He has vast interests in Energy and Environment, Water, Food, and Air Nexus. Getting his inspiration from nature, he is working on different ideas to produce Energy sustainably. He is a huge advocate of Environmental Stewardship and inspires his students with smart ways to use Energy and water. Moreover, he has worked with different organizations to initiate plantation and cleanliness drives, involving very young students as well. Instilling the values of caring for and protecting the Environment and how they can play their role sustainably and responsibly.

Faisal has worked with various organizations in different capacities. He is serving as President of Cloud122 Toastmasters for the term 23-24 exhibiting his leadership qualities. He is well versed with a number of skills from public speaking to PR , strategic planning and monitoring and evaluation.


Ashfaq Nori – A Pioneer in Urban Birds and Bees Restoration, is  an accomplished director at Capital Development Authority, is a pioneering force in preserving native tree species and promoting greenery in Islamabad. His passion for environmental conservation and dedication to restoring the city’s landscapes have been instrumental in shaping GreenSquad, as a progressive and service-oriented social enterprise.

From its inception, Ashfaq provided unwavering support and guidance to GreenSquad, playing a crucial role in its establishment as the impactful organization it is today. As a government representative, he generously sanctioned land and resources to initiate vital plantation drives, laying the foundation for a greener future.

Ashfaq’s endeavors have led to the revival of degenerated landscapes in Islamabad. He spearheaded the planting of fruit orchards and urban forests, aiming to restore the city’s dwindling bird and bee populations while providing the underprivileged with access to nutritious fruits.

Hailing from the underprivileged region of southern Punjab, Ashfaq Nori’s commitment to environmental restoration is fueled by his compassion for communities living in degraded environments.

Driven by a vision of creating an international impact, Ashfaq aspires to establish a sanctuary dedicated to birds and bees, fostering biodiversity and ecological balance for generations to come.

Dr. Sayed Afzal Shah

Dr. Sayed Afzal Shah holds a PhD from Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad, and currently serves as an Assistant Professor in the Biological Sciences Department at the National University of Medical Sciences, Rawalpindi. His expertise lies in Plant Taxonomy & Systematics, Medicinal Botany, and Geo-taxonomic Informatics. Dr. Sayed has a rich history of working with prestigious research institutions, including the National Herbarium of Pakistan & Bio-resource Conservation Institute (NARC); the National Herbarium of the USA at the Smithsonian Institution, Washington DC; Quaid-i-Azam University, and Qarshi Herb Research Center, Hattar, Haripur.

With a strong research profile, Dr. Sayed has made significant contributions in species discovery, ethnopharmacology, phytochemistry, and various allied areas of research. Currently, he collaborates with renowned research scientists in the fields of plant sciences, biotechnology, and biochemistry.

Dr. Sayed’s passion lies in the authentication of plant species, sustainable exploitation of economic plants, and promoting environmental sustainability aspects related to plants. His dedication and expertise make him an invaluable asset to the scientific community.

Danish Ather

Danish Ather, an interactive environmental scientist , a passionate researcher, and a humble resource person, with professional experience of over two (2) years in development and environmental sector. He has continued his career with various NGOs and INGOs, including Islamic Relief Pakistan, Human Resource Learning Center, EcoPal Consultancy Network (Environmental Consultant/project-based), Pakistan Environmental Protection Agency, WWF-Pakistan, Ministry of Climate Change, and Pakistan Red Crescent Society . He possesses extensive experience in both infield and laboratory work, focusing on two important zones: Development sector and Environmental sustainability. He has published three research papers in international journals on groundwater and its associated health risks, while two of his research articles are currently in the pipeline. With extensive experience in various software applications, including ODK, KOBO, R Programming, and ArcGIS, he has conducted numerous studies, such as need assessments, Baseline/KAP, Midline and Endline project reviews, evaluations, environmental impact assessments, as well as initial environmental examination reports . He has conducted different lesson-learned exercises and supported the organizations towards continuous improvement. He has successfully established and implemented monitoring and evaluation (M&E) framework and community engagement and accountability (CEA) mechanism for Human Resource Learning Center and Islamic Relief Pakistan. He has conducted various professional training sessions for officials of NGOs and INGOs and served as a moderator for several research conferences i.e. Second International Conference on Sustainable Utilization of Natural Resources etc. He was one of the panelists in a panel discussion on “role of youth in tackling climate change” at Ecotourism Summit 2020. He has also been involved in research projects focused on early warning systems for natural disasters in Pakistan (CACRA) with PRCS. As a certified master trainer on Reproductive Health and Rights (RHR) by UNFPA, he organized and conducted Reproductive Health Rights Trainings. His diverse expertise lies in environmental sustainability, Monitoring and Evaluation, Community Engagement and Accountability (CEA), Beneficiaries’ Communication, Reporting, and Documentation. His work encompasses Natural Hazards, Climate Change, Environmental Geochemistry and Health, and the use of modern lab instrumentations for water quality testing. He has expertise in modern laboratory instrumentation, including ICPMS, UV Visible, RAD 7, XRD, for water and soil analysis. He further co-founded the youth-based organization DREAM Pakistan during his university days, involving students from Islamabad/Rawalpindi-based universities in leadership and youth-oriented activities. He won the youth4climate competition at the Federal Conclave, NUST, by presenting an idea to mitigate climate change and enhance forest/green cover. He holds an MPhil in Environmental Geosciences and a Bachelor’s (BS) degree in Environmental Sciences and currently serves as a Monitoring and Accountability Officer at Islamic Relief Pakistan.

He is pursuing his doctoral studies in Marine and Estuarine Environmental Science under the Hong Kong Fellowship Scheme at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. 

Waqas Azam

Waqas Azam, an esteemed assistant director at Punjab Horticulture Authority, is a true visionary working diligently to revive native tree species in the Rawalpindi region. With a passion for ecological conservation, he has made remarkable contributions by restoring degenerated landscapes and transforming polluted areas into thriving urban forests.

Waqas’s dedication to his cause has been evident in his work at Punjab Horticulture Authority, where he played a pivotal role in establishing an urban forest at Faizabad. This transformative initiative not only provided a habitat for the city’s marginalized communities but also revived the dwindling wildlife, turning a polluted landscape into a thriving green sanctuary.

Hailing from the underprivileged southern region of Punjab, Waqas Azam’s commitment to environmental restoration reflects his deep concern for communities living in degraded environments.

Driven by a desire to make an international impact, Waqas aspires to continue his endeavors in horticulture restoration, inspiring others to join the mission of creating greener and healthier environments worldwide