Our Team

Fahad Rizwan


Fahad Rizwan is an engineer by profession and an-eco warrior by passion. His core interests and work lies in developing eco-sensitivity among citizens by building sustainable, ecologically friendly green economies centered around interdependent, cooperatives. Considering all these goals, Fahad founded Greensquad and serves as its president.

Mughess Alam

Financial Manager

Anwar Mughees Alam is a PhD scholar and a university teacher. He manages all finances of Greensquad along with active participation in both Islamabad and Karachi chapters of Greensquad. He also helps in coordination between the two chapters of GreenSquad.

Haroon Haider

IT Manager

Haroon Haider is an IT professional. For GreenSquad, Haroon did more than 50 Plantation and Cleaning Drive Projects with GreenSquad in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. He is an environmental enthusiast, always willing to work for the betterment of our mother nature by planting trees, cleanup drives and by encouraging people to work for a plastic free world.

Hassan Abdullah

Supply Chain and Procurement Manager

Supply chain professional by profession and active volunteer of Green Squad. Hassan initiated many events to promote healthy activities under the banner of Greensquad.

Wasiq Baloch


Wasiq Baloch is a software engineer by education and a travel agent by profession. The international wing of his travel company is called Al-Kafeel Travel & Tours Pvt (Ltd), and the domestic offshoot is by the name of Trudgers, which specializes in eco-friendly trips and activities across Pakistan. For GreenSquad, Wasiq has been an active core member since its conception, helping the Squad as the official photographer of the Islamabad wing, providing digital content to the team. His physical contributions include environmental awareness campaigns, cleaning drives, tree plantation sprees, and other such green activities. He is especially involved in organizing and managing environment-friendly trips under the banner of GreenSquad.

Shabib Asghar

Eco Tour Lead

Shabib Asghar is a Founder of EMIT Corporate and an environmental protection enthusiast. His corporate core work is Emergency Management via Information Technology (EMIT) consisting of 3 components: EDMS (EMIT Disaster Management Solutions), EMIT Outdoors (Adventure ECO Tour Agency) & EMMS (EMIT Multimedia & Marketing Solutions). For GreenSquad, Shabib volunteers for creating digital content, performing all physical activities of plantation drive & awareness and for connecting GreenSquad with similarly-minded organizations and agencies in Karachi. Shabib also promotes Organic Kitchen Gardening.

Mehdi Rizvi


Mehdi Rizvi is a researcher in human-computer interaction and an environmental protection enthusiast. His research work focuses on tangible interaction and gamified learning for citizens particularly children and youth. His current work focuses on developing a gamified approach for helping citizens ideate and reflect on creating IoT connected smart-objects for outdoor parks and other contexts. For GreenSquad, Mehdi volunteers for creating digital material/content and for connecting GreenSquad with similarly-minded organizations and agencies outside Pakistan. Mehdi also represents GreenSquad in the EU/UK region.

Adil Shuja