About GreenSquad

Greensquad is an Environmental Conservation Organization founded by a group of environmentalists and social activists committed to the cause of securing environment from the threats of climate change, preventing any sort of abuse to Earth, and as a whole saving biodiversity.

Greensquad provides a platform to the people belonging to every age, class, gender and creed and especially youth to materialize their spirit in a positive way.

Climate Change is an alarming Global Phenomenon. The Earth’s temperature is on continuous rise, causing climate extremes, ultimately affecting major agricultural regions and creating a food crisis, conflicts in the third world. Pakistan is no exception; rather, we are seriously at risk and have been put at the top of the list of the developing countries for losses: increase in deforestation, loss of biodiversity, famines, crop failures, conflicts and skirmishes over meager resources, increased health risks (heat strokes, pneumonia, malaria and other vector-borne diseases) and risks to other vulnerable ecosystems (e.g., rangelands, degraded lands, mountainous areas, landslides etc.,). According to Germanwatch, Pakistan is already on 7th number in the list of most vulnerable countries affected by Climate Change.

The situation warrants immediate action and concerted efforts to address these challenges. Realizing this urgent need for action to combat the consequences of Climate Change, Greensquad was formed in 2017 with a belief that “if we can’t reverse the effect, at least we can prevent any further damage.” and the methodology was termed as the green living. The core issue is that we continue to refuse to act in the face of clear and present danger. There is a lack of connection to environmental issues. But when it comes to your door you cannot ignore it! There is always another report, another list, another ranking, another seminar, another talk. That will not help as much as taking action will.

Greensquad is a platform of action for the development of a sustainable green alternative. GreenSquad promotes a culture of ecological sensitivity among the citizens and is involved in massive plantation drives in which GreenSquad has already planted thousands of fruit and shade trees on the green belts, parks and along the pavements, and other urban areas for birds and the poor. Further cultivating and conserving a variety of flora and fauna in the unique habitat of Pakistan. GreenSquad has provided a platform to the people belonging to every age, class, gender and creed and especially youth to materialize their spirit in a positive way.

Greensquad’s focus-areas are manifold:

- Spreading Awareness

- Mobilizing the Community

- Connecting all stakeholders

- Building green collective sustainable economies

The first and foremost focus of Greensquad is spreading awareness. People need to be made aware of the effects of climate change, pollution and deforestation. This becomes more important when Pakistan is both in the top-10 list of countries at-risk from climate change, as well as in the bottom-50 in terms of literacy rate.

The primary tools which Greensquad uses for spreading awareness are social media as well as in-person meetings and seminars in the localities. Our social media pages have regular posts for public awareness and education, events, discussion on climate change and environmental protection, with more than 15,000+ followers, following our FB posts 1,100+ members engaged in FB group discussions. The Greensquad website also catalogs our efforts in order to inspire more people to join as volunteers. Furthermore, we directly collaborate with schools and universities by organizing seminars, and plantation campaigns in and outside schools and universities.

The second aspect is mobilizing the community. We actively recruit volunteers without any disrimination of age groups, gender, religious, language or ethnic backgrounds. To connect directly with the volunteers, we use Whatsapp groups on chapter/city level. Such groups are active in Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Karachi and are used for direct dissemination of information and coordination for events.

Another unique thing which Greensquad has started is embedding environmental protection in local traditions & festivals. For that we organise tree plantation events on Pakistan’s national days, on religious holidays like Eid-Milad and Muharram. We also promote the tradition of our volunteers of planting trees on birthdays and anniversaries of our loved ones.

Last but not the least, we cannot succeed without involving all the stakeholders. Greensquad serves as the focal point to connect these stakeholders. We are supported by local governments, capital development authority (CDA), Pakistan Army, members of print and digital media, celebrities etc.

For example, with our work with CDA in Islamabad, they provided us space to plant trees, provided support in taking care of planted trees. They participated in our events with their employees and staff. We took care of recruiting volunteers for the plantation, buying plants and planting them. Similar collaboration has been done with Pakistan Army in Rawalpindi cantonment area. They provided us space to plant trees, and provided us tree saplings for plantation.

For connecting all stakeholders, Greensquad also works closely with the print and digital news media. Different news channels and newspapers have supported and covered our events. GreenSquad core members are often invited to talks for environmental protection and green activism. Our work has also been highlighted by international media such as Deutsche Welle (DW) and BBC.

Another aspect is to invite different local tv celebrities to our events. Such celebrities have used their wide fan-base to draw more volunteers to our cause.