Greensquad is a volunteer environmental conservation organization founded by a group of environmentalists and social activists committed to the cause of protecting the environment from the threats of climate change, preventing any sort of abuse to the environment, biodiversity protection, and engaging local communities in plantation drives, building sustainable and ecologically friendly business collectives, promoting green energy and guiding people to become active citizens in environmental protection efforts pursued by national and international organizations.

Greensquad’s focus-areas are manifold:
  • Spreading Awareness
  • Mobilizing the Communit
  • Connecting all stakeholders
  • Building green collective sustainable economies

Greensquad is a platform of action for the development of a sustainable green alternative. GreenSquad promotes a culture of ecological sensitivity among the citizens and is involved in massive plantation drives in which GreenSquad has already planted thousands of fruit and shade trees on the green belts, parks and along the pavements, and other urban areas for birds and the poor. Further cultivating and conserving a variety of flora and fauna in the unique habitat of Pakistan. GreenSquad has provided a platform to the people belonging to every age, class, gender and creed and especially youth to materialize their spirit in a positive way.

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